Insure The Horses You Don’t Own In Your Care

If you care for horses that you don’t own or lease, you could be held liable if something happens to them. It doesn’t matter if you board, care for, service, train or handle horses you don’t own, you should consider Care, Custody & Control Liability insurance in Ontario. You don’t want to be held financially responsible for the value of the horse, plus any vet and surgical expenses and legal fees if a horse were to die, become injured or ill in your care.

What you’ll discover in this report:

  • What’s not covered by your Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • What you need to consider when choosing your limits
  • Common claims that people related to care, custody and control

Does My Commercial General Liability Insurance Not Cover The Care, Custody And Control Liability Exposure?

No it doesn’t. Say a horse escapes from your property and a car on the road hits it. Your Commercial General Liability Insurance would cover the damage to the car and to the occupants of the car, but not the horse.

Care, Custody & Control Liability Insurance is a secondary type of insurance that protects you from the financial burden if anything happens to a horse in your care that you don’t own.

You need to specifically request to add Care, Custody & Control Liability Insurance. At Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd., we’ll let you know which insurance companies offer this insurance and if they sell it as a separate policy.

What Should I Consider When I’m Filling Out An Application For Care, Custody & Control Liability Insurance?

You’ll be able to choose the limits of insurance – but consider carefully. If you care for more than one horse that you don’t own, you need to think about the combined total value of all the horses. Why? Because if your barn collapses, all those horses could potentially be injured or die. You want to make sure that you understand your potential maximum loss so that you choose the correct maximum value per horse and total possible loss that may need to be paid.

What Are The Most Common Claim Incidents Related To Care, Custody And Control?

  • While you’re working a horse that you’re training or showing, it gets hurt.
  • While transporting a horse you don’t own to a show, the horse is injured when the trailer unhooks unexpectedly.
  • A horse you don’t own gets loose because of a damaged fence or open barrier gates and a car hits the horse.
  • Due to your negligence of your property, a horse you don’t own gets hurt or dies. Examples may include broken fences, unsafe stalls or problems in the barns or other shelters.

At Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd., we understand horse care. If you have a business where you look after horses you don’t own, we can help protect you and your business. Contact us today or click on Get a Free Quote and we’ll get you the insurance you need.