When You Fix Up Your Property, You Want To Make Sure It’s All Insured

When you bought the farm you knew it needed a little work. You can’t wait to see the result of all your hard work and investment so that you can step back and be proud of your accomplishment.

You may have thought about the inconveniences and the costs, but have you thought about your insurance policy? It’s possible you haven’t. You’ve been busy thinking about supplies, hired help and trips to the hardware store.

But it pays to start your property improvement project in Ontario on a solid foundation. Your team at Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd can help you figure out a protection plan that protects you before you start and all the way until after the work is done. Get in touch with one of our brokers today.

  • I’m building a new barn, can I insure it now?
  • I’m buying equipment for barn, is it covered if something happens?
  • I’m fixing up old fences, are they covered if they get damaged?

Builders Risk Insurance

A barn is a large building project. You likely have several hands around to help you and supplies and equipment lying all over the place. Protect yourself while the work is happening.

You’re worried that your materials and tools may get stolen – or the tools that belong to those helping hands. You also want to make sure that you’re protected against a claim or lawsuit if anyone gets hurt while the work is getting done.

We suggest that you give yourself some peace of mind and add Builders Risk Insurance while you’re doing any major building on your farm in Ontario. This will protect your materials and protect you in the case of a liability claim or lawsuit.

If you didn’t have a barn before, you’ll also need to change your insurance policy because your House Insurance won’t cover your barn. We’ll need to change this to a Farm Insurance policy.

Additional coverage for your barn

You’ve built your new barn, you’ve put your horses in and you’ve spent a lot of money buying some new equipment. What if there’s a fire? You want to know that everything in your barn, including the barn, is covered.

If there’s a fire in your barn, your horses and equipment are not automatically covered in Ontario. You need to make sure that you insure your horse and equipment separately.

Give us a call at Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd and we’ll get you all the insurance you need for the best value. We’ll go over all the situations with you and work to build a custom package that’s right for you and your farm.

Additional coverage for your property

You knew that the farm was a fixer-upper when you got it. So many of the fences were damaged with boards missing. It was a family project to get them all rebuilt and whitewashed. It really makes the property pop from the road.

But now you wonder, what if someone drives too fast down the road and swerves to miss an animal and runs into your newly built fences. Are they covered as part of your insurance?

Your fences are only covered if you add them separately to your Farmowners Insurance policy.

Give Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd a call at 905-727-1144. Or click on our free quote button and we’ll get you a price for adding your fences to your Farm Insurance policy.