Pony rides don’t look risky, but from a liability standpoint they can be

You adopted a pony that a neighbor no longer wanted. He was so cute and great with your kids, you decided to add a couple more. The kids’ friends love to come over and ride the ponies and pet them.

You start thinking that you could maybe share the ponies with other children at birthday parties or pony rides. It would be a little business on the side for you. You’ve got everything you need to get started. Don’t you?

What about insurance? Have you thought about what would happen if a child falls off a pony and get hurt? Or what about if a pony gets scared and runs loose through a public space causing damage?

You need to think about:

  • Getting the right coverage for a pony business in Ontario
  • Following government/insurance standards

Commercial General Liability in Ontario

Your Personal liability on you Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd. Plan does not cover using your ponies for a commercial business. You’ll need to purchase a Commercial General Liability policy.

This policy gives you maximum limits or amounts of liability insurance for:

  • Medical expenses: You can be sure a claimant’s low cost medical expenses are covered without a lot of questions about liability or responsibility.
  • Legal defense costs: You can save your business the financial burden of court costs if you’re sued, whether the case has merit or not.
  • Claims or settlement costs: Without this policy you could be held responsible for bodily injury and property damage claims.

Equine facility operation standards

Depending on the commercial venture that you’re starting, if it involves horses, there are minimum safety standards for activities including coaching, trail rides, equine assisted learning and pony rides.

You also need to be aware of Bill 12 – Ontario’s Horse Riding Safety Act. This act was instituted to increase the safety of all equestrian riders, especially those under the age of 18. The legislation states that anyone under the age of 18 must:

  • Wear a helmet that meets ASTM, BSI or European Safety Standards
  • Wear hard-soled footwear with a heel of no less than 1.5 cm and/or safety stirrups (breakaway or hooded)
  • Use tack properly fitted on the horse

We have the experience and the knowledge after being in the Equestrian Insurance business for decades. We’ll make sure you don’t get taken for a ride.

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