Insure it all – under one policy. It has its benefits

Everyone likes to save money, especially on insurance. Sometimes with farm property there are multiple buildings and multiple commercial ventures as a part of that. In Ontario, rather than purchasing a number of packages from multiple insurers, we can customize a full package insurance policy for you and your farm, stables or ranch.

Often this will give you even more protection and there are additional enhancements under one policy. Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd. can guide you through the process of selecting the best coverages, deductible and limits that work for you. It will protect you from liability and multi-perils.

You should consider this package if you:

  • Have a horse farm, ranch or stables
  • Own a rural estate
  • Have a hobby farm
  • Run a horse business
  • Are an equestrian homeowner
  • Run an agri-tourism farm
  • Are involved in ranch tourism

What you’ll discover in this report:

  • The different categories of insurance covered in a package
  • What’s included in Commercial General Liability policy
  • What to do if you have other hard-to-insure liabilities

What are the different categories of insurance in a package?

There are three categories of insurance in a package, as well as subtypes under those categories.

Property Loss and Damage Insurance for Dwellings and Contents, and other buildings

Depending on the type, value and condition of the buildings, there are three calibers of building coverage: Special, Broad and Basic. By choosing different deductibles it’s possible to save money on your premium. It’s under this section that you’d be covered for direct loss by common weather-related perils and fire and smoke.

Loss of or damage to the following buildings would be covered under this policy:

  • Main dwelling and household contents (loss of use is included as well)
  • Scheduled personal property (includes valuables and collections)
  • Rented dwellings
  • Garages
  • Stables and barns
  • Indoor arena
  • Other farm structures, storage sheds and outbuildings

Property Loss and Damage Insurance for Farm Personal Property including Livestock
Depending on the type, there are three calibers of building coverage: Special, Broad and Basic. It’s under this section that you’d be covered for direct loss by common weather-related perils, fire and smoke, vandalism, theft and collision though it differs from insurer to insurer.

Loss of or damage to the following farm personal property would be covered under this policy:

  • Machinery
  • Farm tools and equipment
  • Horse tack and equipment
  • Animal feed, hay, bedding and crop seed
  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Other livestock
  • Fencing

*NOTE. For your livestock you may want to consider more complete and comprehensive Horse & Equine Life Insuranceand Horse & Equine Surgical and Major Medical Insurance. These are not available as part of the package policy.

Liability Insurance

There are 5 types of Liability Insurance to consider:

  • Personal Liability – Protects you and your immediate family members.
  • Farm Liability – Insures your agricultural/farming management and the work you do with your livestock. Contact your insurance broker for the details on this coverage because it varies from insurer to insurer.
  • Commercial General Liability –Insures your commercial operations and protects you from financial loss. *TIP. Some special risk horse activities may be insured, but check with your insurance broker.
  • Care, Custody & Control – Protects you from damages due to injury or loss if you don’t own the horses that you’re caring for.
  • Equine Professional Liability – Protects your business if you offer professional services. This includes farriers, trainers, riding instructors, etc.

What’s included in the Commercial General Liability Policy?

The policy gives you maximum limits or amounts of liability insurance for:

  • Medical expenses:  You can be sure a claimant’s low cost medical expenses are covered without a lot of questions about liability or responsibility.
  • Legal defense costs: You can save your business the financial burden of court costs if you’re sued, whether the case has merit or not.
  • Claims or settlement costs: Without this policy you could be held responsible for bodily injury and property damage claims.

What if I have other difficult-to-insure exposures?

If you offer services like pony rides, horse drawn vehicle rides, trail guides, instruction or horse-related camps, at Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd., we can often coordinate your policies to make sure your property and any business you do is protected.

At Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd., we want to simplify your life. Contact us today so that we can review the package that best serves your needs. Or click on the Free Quote request button and we’ll get started on your quote right away.