Purchase Extra Protection for Your Customers, Members or Volunteers

This secondary type of insurance is in addition to the other coverage you have for your customers, members or volunteers in the case of an accident in Ontario. This is in addition to your General Liability policy.

What you’ll discover in this report:

  • Who to cover with Personal Accident Insurance
  • Why you need Personal Accident Insurance
  • Common claims that people make involving Personal Accident Insurance

Who’s Covered Under Personal Accident Insurance?

  • Participants in sponsored events who are members of the horse club or association planning the event. These sponsored events include:
  • Volunteers supervised by you as a business owner while they’re participating in horse-related activities you sponsored or scheduled
  • Participants in activities like horse-related camps, hourly horse rentals, pony rides, horse drawn vehicle rides, guides and outfitters, riding instruction or any disabled or therapeutic riding that you provide or sponsor

Why Do I Need Personal Accident Insurance?

There are several reasons for horse associations, horse clubs or horse business operators to purchase Personal Accident Insurance. Some people don’t carry enough insurance to participate in the activities that they do. Comparatively, this is inexpensive insurance and it compliments the other insurance you likely already have. Here are some examples:

  • Additional coverage for medical expenses needed after an accident involving customers, volunteers or members while they’re participating in the club or association’s activities
  • Provides higher limits than your General Liability policy for medical payments
  • Claim payments aren’t dependent on proven negligence
  • The coverage can pay for part, or all, of a participant’s major medical insurance deductible or the coinsurance amounts

*NOTE. This policy doesn’t include injuries for rodeo participants, those racing on horseback or hunting while on horseback. Check with your insurance broker about other exclusions. Generally insurers exclude activities where participants deliberately expose themselves to danger or they have pre-existing medical conditions.

What Are The Most Common Claim Incidents?

With Personal Accident Insurance, the insurance pays for part of the medical expenses in the claims below.

  • While assisting with the maintenance of a club trail, a club member gets hurt.
  • While participating in a horse show or event, a club member gets hurt.
  • While helping with a horse riding lesson or a pony ride, a volunteer is injured.
  • During a horse riding lesson or a pony ride, a riding student or the horse rental rider, becomes injured. (In this case the Personal Accident Insurance pays for part of the student’s major medical deductible.)

At Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd., we understand horses and that sometimes accidents happen when it comes to working with animals. We want to help you protect your customers and the members and volunteers that make things happen for you or your organization. Contact us today to learn more or click on Get a Free Quote for an obligation-free quote.