Cover Your Horse On Its Travels

Whether you transport your horse on the ground around Ontario or further, or by plane, you want to make sure that you’re protected against any injury or death. You also want to be sure that your coverage while you load your horse right up until you unload your horse.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • The types of Single Trip Transit Insurance
  • Additional endorsements of Full Mortality policy

What Do I Need To Know About Single Trip Transit Insurance?

There are two types of Single Trip Transmit Insurance: Full Mortality and Basic Perils.

Full Mortality coverage depends upon the age of the animal and other criteria in case of illness, disease and accident death during transport.

You can also choose Basic Perils. This coverage protects you from loss due to specific accidental causes including collision, derailment or overturn of vehicles, including loading and unloading.

What Other Endorsements Are Available With My Full Mortality Policy?

You can apply International Air Transportation Insurance as an endorsement so that you’re covered while you transport your horse internationally. If you give notice of international transit, you can extend your mortality coverage to include transport to and from approved countries

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