Horse Mortality Insurance

Insure Your Horse’s Life And Your Investment

Your horse is important to you, and it’s high value investment too. You want to make sure that you protect your horse’s life. What you’ll discover in this report:

  • Types of Horse Mortality Insurance
  • Other types of coverages to consider

What Insurance Is Available For My Horse’s Life?

We have two types of insurance for horse mortality.

First, there’s Full Mortality & Theft Insurance — it’s very similar to a term life policy you’d purchase for yourself. You’re insured against:

  • Financial loss due to the death by natural or accidental cause of your horse
  • Proven theft

Like many life insurance policies, there are qualifications for a policy in Ontario. Depending on the insurer, based on the value of your horse, you may not require a veterinary certificate showing that your horse if physically sound and in good health. Also, different insurers may have different coverages and conditions that pertain to age limits.

Secondly, you can purchase Limited Mortality Insurance, which insures the death of your horse due to or necessitated by specified perils. Generally, these insured perils include:

  • Fire and Lightening, or smoke that results from either
  • Collision, derailment or overturn of vehicles while in transit (this includes loading and unloading)
  • Collapse of bridges and culverts
  • Earthquake and/or floods
  • Windstorm, cyclone, tornado, hail
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft and objects falling from aircrafts

You can also add optional perils:

  • Accidental shooting (except by you or your employees)
  • Drowning
  • Artificial electricity
  • Attack by dogs or wild animals
  • Building collapse
  • Theft (even if it doesn’t result in death)

*NOTE. If your horse doesn’t qualify for Full Mortality & Theft Insurance, it can often be covered until Limited Mortality Insurance.

Are There Other Coverages I Should Consider?

  • Surgical or Major Medical Insurance: This can usually be added to the Full Mortality policy.
  • Air-Ground Transit Insurance: If you’re transporting your horse for shows, breeding or other reasons you may add short-term air transit insurance by endorsement to your Full Mortality policy. It’s also available with your Limited Mortality policy.

At Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd, we understand horses and we make sure that we protect you and your horse. Contact us today to learn more or click on Get a Free Quote for an obligation-free quote.