Insure Your Potential Profit From Loss Of Use

You can add endorsements to your Ontario Full Mortality policy to protect yourself against the loss of use of the horse. The policy must explicitly state the purposes of your horse or in the case of breeding, against infertility. You want to make sure that you’re protected against any financial loss if circumstances render your horse is permanently unable to fulfill the functions stated in your policy. Your horse’s use, age, value and other factors determine the availability of this insurance.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • The difference between Full Loss of Use and Limited Loss of Use
  • The difference Stallion Infertility

What’s The Difference Between Full Loss Of Use And Limited Loss Of Use Endorsements?

Both policies provide coverage if your horse becomes permanently unable of fulfilling the functions outlined in your policy when those reasons don’t require the destruction of your horse for humane reasons. You’ll be paid a percentage of the insured value of your disabled horse. Various insurers have different limits and policy conditions, as well as exclusions.

The Full Loss of Use policy covers the losses no matter of the means as long as it’s in accordance with your policy specifications.

The Limited Loss of Use policy covers the losses that occur because of external, accidental and violent means.

What Type Of Coverage Is Available For Stallion Infertility?

If your stallion is a “proven” breeding stallion, you can purchase an endorsement to your Full Mortality policy for stallion infertility. This protects you against any financial losses because of an accident, illness or disease that cause permanent impotence, infertility or incapability of the stallion to breed with mares.

The horse’s age, value and other factors may change the qualifications for the policy and some exclusions may apply, but it varies based on the insurer.

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