Ontario Horse Insurance

The loss, serious injury or disability of your horse is almost too tragic to contemplate. But, unless you sold it, it’s an expensive inevitability you really should plan for.

Costs for replacement, treatment, even liability for damage caused by a horse, can be horrendous. But you can cover yourself against all of these risks and more with Horse Insurance from Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd, the Ontario specialists thousands of owners already trust for their financial protection.

Drawing on the inspiration and compassion of owner and show rider Doug Henry, we’ve been providing Equine Insurance plans for more than 35 years, with a range of programs and options to suit all needs and budgets.

Custom Equestrian Insurance Protection

These can be customized into a single plan from Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd with standard and optional coverages for pleasure horses that include:

  • Full Horse Mortality Insurance — from accident, sickness or natural causes — up to $250,000.
  • Alternatively, coverage for specific, named risks.
  • Horse Insurance protection against theft.
  • Liability up to $1 million or more, for injury or property lawsuit claims, including defense costs.
  • Veterinarian reimbursement for costs related to the death of your horse.
  • Accidental death benefit for the rider.
  • Medical and surgical costs relating to illness, injury or disease, up to $10,000
  • Equine Insurance for disability
  • Tack and equipment

Save Money On Your Ontario Equestrian Insurance

Any of these coverages can be combined into a single Equine Insurance policy that includes automatic renewal and a 12-month extension after the policy expiry date (subject to conditions).

That means Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd can offer you incredibly competitive rates backed by our specialist expertise and renowned claims service.

Find out now how you can get the best possible Equestrian Insurance protection at the best possible rates by clicking on our no-obligation Free Quote request button. Don’t wait. Your horse deserves the best coverage — and so do you.