Ontario Equine Farm Insurance

As a specialist in the equine world, you’re expected to have expertise and insight that the generalists can’t match.

It’s the same with your Equine Farm Insurance. You need special cover, from an expert. For instance, you may live on the property, but your Homeowners Insurance won’t protect your business. Or you may take out a general Business Insurance plan and discover that doesn’t protect you adequately either.

Instead, you need protection against the particular hazards you face, from an agent who understands the equine environment — like Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd, the professionals that hundreds of farm owners and managers already trust for reliable, best value insurance coverage.

They know they can count on us for comprehensive coverage at the best possible price, with insurance for virtually every type of establishment including horse boarding, horse breeding, horse riding instruction and leisure-based horse businesses like trail rides.

Your Choice

When you come to us for your Ontario Horse Farm Insurance, you choose — with our help, of course — the coverage and limits you need to best protect your business.

It’s a customized Ranch Insurance plan based on the standard essential features of property and liability insurance, tailored for the size and scope of your business, with additional options for the particular risks you face.

Then we’ll secure the most competitive deal available, backed by outstanding customer service that includes full claims support.

Protection For Your Property

Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd can cover all the main property risks you face including all building structures and their contents including livestock and tack.

If you live on the property, your home will also be covered under terms similar to homeowners insurance.

You’re protected against fire, theft, vandalism, accidental damage or destruction and many other perils.

Coverage For Liability And Lawsuits

You face multiple expensive risks in your type of business — loss of horses in your care, escaped animals causing accidents, riding school injuries — in addition to the liability hazards most other businesses encounter.

We can protect you with up to $10 million of Equine Farm Insurance for these liabilities. This includes costs of your defense, even for cases in which the lawsuit ultimately fails.

We can also cover you for personal liabilities relating to your home if it’s on the property, and for incidents that happen off the property but caused by animals under you care (for example on trail rides).

More Ontario Horse Farm Insurance Options

We can build many extras into your insurance plan, including:

  • General business coverage against risks like fraud, data theft, loss of income and business disruption
  • Horse Insurance for specific animals including high-value animals.
  • Certain types of water damage
  • Earthquake damage.
  • Umbrella Ranch Insurance — raising your coverage limits to $10 million.
  • Insurance for your employees, including workers comp.
  • Protection for one-off and special events.

Act Now – Here’s Why

Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd can review your existing Horse Farm Insurance coverage or provide you with a new quote.

All you have to do is click the Free Quote request button to get one of our insurance experts working on your case and your needs.

Do this now, while it’s on you mind, because:

  • There’s no obligation, so you’ve got nothing to lose.
  • Your existing cover or other quotes you’ve had may not adequately protect you.
  • We may be able to save you money on your Ranch Insurance.
  • You can rely on us — we’ve been here for more than 35 years and expect to be around for all the decades to come.