Ontario Equestrian Liability Insurance

We live in an age when the threat of lawsuits and liability claims against you or your equestrian-based organization is not only realistic but also has the potential to put you out of business.

Litigation is not unusual — and nor are settlements and defense costs that run into six figures or more. Imagine what that would mean to you.

The surest way to protect yourself is with Equestrian Liability Insurance, but this is such a specialist area that you need to be sure you’re dealing with professionals with relevant expertise and experience.

You get this and much more when you select Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd for your Ontario Equine Liability Insurance.

We cover the widest range of commercial equestrian businesses, individuals, events and facilities including farriers, horse clinics, horse camps, directors and officers, riding instructors, horse boarding facilities, horse breeders, horse trainers, horse shows/competitions, horse clubs/associations and all types of equestrian facilities.

Horse Liability Insurance Based On Your Unique Needs

With our decades of experience in insurance, we know and understand the multiple risks you face and will customize a protection plan that both fits your needs and is flexible enough to adapt to changes in your activities.

The Ontario team of Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd Ltd will explain and walk you through multiple options that reflect the nature of your business, including:

  • Commercial general Equestrian Liability Insurance for injuries and/or damage caused to others as a result of your equine-related activities.
  • Custody or care coverage for injury to or death of a horse or horses in your care. This is often excluded from a general liability policy.
  • Professional Equestrian Liability coverage. This protects you and your organization against lawsuits and claims that challenge your professional competence or that of your directors and officers.

Save Money On Your Equine Liability Insurance

As specialists in the Equine Insurance business, Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd can also deliver amazing deals from the best insurers, with potential discounts for multiple policies, higher deductibles and so on.

Depending on your needs, we can secure high-limit liability protection at some of the most competitive rates available. With defense costs alone often running into six figures — even if the claims against you fail — this is critical protection every equine business needs.

Your general Horse Liability Insurance can provide up to $2m coverage but we can also arrange umbrella liability coverage which can take these limits up to $10 million. Additionally, we offer special coverage for one-off special events.

Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd can tailor coverage to meet your geographical needs — in Canada, across North America or full international Equestrian Liability protection.

Free Information, Reviews And Quotes

Act now to get yourself properly protected with Equine Liability Insurance through Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Throughout the province and beyond, we are recognized as one of the leading equestrian insurance brokers, but our reputation goes beyond that.

We know the world of horses inside out, offering a standard of service both in provision of coverage and in claims support that would be difficult to match or beat.

We offer great value, and we won’t sell you insurance you don’t need.

We’ll answer all your questions. If you’re already insured, we can review your existing coverage at no charge. And whether you’re new or reviewing we can provide a fast, confidential and no-obligation free quote — just click the Free Quote request button.

There’s no reason to wait and there’s no reason to look elsewhere. The best value and service in Horse Liability Insurance are right here.