Broker Advantage


You have the right to Choose

Independent insurance brokers have been the first choice of insurance buyers in Ontario for almost 90 years. When we say independent, we mean independent. Independent brokers do not work for the insurance company, they work for you. If you’re not sure, just ask.

You have the right to Perfect Fit Coverage

Our Ontario insurance brokers choose which companies they represent — which means you get more choices and more coverage options. In fact, some insurance companies and their products are only available through an insurance broker. More choices mean better products and better coverage to meet your insurance needs and save you time.

You have the right to Expert Insurance Advice you can Trust

When you deal with an insurance broker, you get a highly skilled and licensed professional who puts your interests first. Professional competence, ethical conduct and current insurance knowledge make a licensed broker a choice you can trust.

You have the right to Personal Attention

No two people are alike, and no two people have the same insurance needs. As brokers, we take the time to learn what matters most to you. Independent insurance brokers simply have the widest choice of products to meet your needs. And, as your needs change, we make sure you stay covered.

You have the right to have someone On Your Side

As insurance brokers in Ontario, we understand the stress and confusion when a claim occurs. Since we work for you, not the insurance company, we’re on your side when you need help the most and we’ll guide you through the claims process.

You have the right to Local Help

Insurance brokers are committed to helping people in their community through sponsorships, fundraising, coaching or cheering. With a local insurance broker in Ontario, you get specialized knowledge, personal attention, quality service, and a commitment to you and your community.