We proudly supply a wide range of non horse-related protection for clients of Henry Equestrian Insurance.

Welcome to our Brokerage

Welcome to the family. I truly appreciate your business! I know you have choices for your insurance, and I'm thrilled you chose us. As your Insurance Advisors my team and I fill several important roles for you ... the most important being your Advisors. We're here to help YOU.

We're all about taking great care of our clients, and I'm looking forward to a long relationship with you. We're working hard to ensure that your experience with us will be the best insurance experience you've ever had.

Our Client Service section can assist you. If you need a quick certificate, to file a claim, to let us know about policy changes, or want a free account review, just let us know or visit our website self-serve options.

Full Service Brokerage

We offer you a full line of equestrian related insurance products such as full mortality for horses, farm, coaching, accident, veterinarian, and equestrian commercial liability insurance. We are also a full service personal and commercial lines brokerage. By combining protection with one brokerage, we can prevent hazardous coverage gaps and find the best discounts for you.

Meet Your Team!

We're here to help YOU. We are on your side and strive to provide the best possible service. All of our advisors work closely together and each member of your team is ready to help with all of your insurance questions.

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